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I launched Heidi Keller Consulting in 2008 to provide social marketing and health promotion services to organizations—large and small—that want to ignite positive change. My specialty is helping groups identify their shared passion and bring their collective efforts to bear in making measurable impact on tough problems.

I draw on a rich background in public and nonprofit sector marketing, communication, and organizational leadership to help clients meet their goals and improve their outcomes. This can include getting closer to your customers and constituents through formative research, convening teams and partners to construct collaborative action plans, and using best practices to develop real solutions to the problems you want to address.

I started my career in journalism but quickly realized that I wasn’t content to sit objectively on the sidelines. Following a series of communications and media relations positions in Washington State government, I found my real passion in public health education, serving for 18 years as health promotion director for the Washington State Department of Health.

I am based in Olympia, Washington, but I work with clients all over the country. My portfolio spans a wide range of issues—from teen risk behavior to mental health stigma to cleaning up the waters of Puget Sound.  Clients include small town coalitions in places like Asotin, Washington, and national organizations like AARP, Directors of Health Promotion and Education, and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.

That's me, second from the right, with the Mason County, Washington, mental health advisory committee. We are celebrating the passage of a dedicated fund for mental health, substance abuse, and therapeutic court services. There really is no limit to what can be accomplished when dedicated people come together with a shared passion and purpose.

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